This Advert is for one pair of Black shoelaces!
Highest Quality Round Shoe laces!
 Laces Approx 4mm – 5mm Wide and 120cm Long.
Two colours available , Black with White Pattern and White with Black Pattern Suitable for Balenciaga Triple S Style Round Laces
Size Guide
If you’re in any doubt what size you need, we recommend you simply measure the shoe lace you want to replace.

Please check the length of the laces you wish to change to ensure you order the right length for your size and shoe type.

More Info
Our HIGH QUALITY Balenciaga Triple S Style Round  Trainer shoe laces are approx 4mm t0 5mm wide with plastic aglets to protect the material from fraying.  Our trainer Shoelaces come in 120cm / 47″ which are great replacement Trainer shoe laces to cover all styles of Trainers, boots or shoes. 
Our Round Trainer Shoelaces Look Fabulous in Trainers, sneakers, skate shoes, football boots, Rugby boots, running shoes, gym shoes, dance, tap shoes. Ideal laces for Kids, children’s, ladies, men’s,  Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Converse, Air force, blazers, Or if you want to bring a new look to your footwear with Best Quality Flat shoe laces then Our Trainer laces are the quickest and easiest way to change Your Look.  Match your shoes to any outfit for any occasion with Our Great Range of shoelaces.  Our Flat Shoelaces are a Perfect accessory for Casual, Every Day, Sports, Gym, Running, Exercise, Holiday Outfit shoe laces to make your Own Unique Style.  OR if you’re simply looking to revamp your footwear at a low cost then a new pair of laces is the way to start.
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