Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive lots of questions asking for further information and guidance regarding some of our products. To help make things a little easier for you, we have drawn up a comprehensive FAQ guide to help answer many of these questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on either Tel No. 02038591914 or via e-mail admin@theshoelaceshop.com and we will be happy to help

You can buy all your shoelaces right here from our website or in Selected SCHUH KIDS STORES!

Yes, put the laces inside a pillowcase/wash bag with ½ cups detergent. Then hang the laces over the sink to allow them to air dry.

Of course, Items purchased online can be returned to our Returns Team, within 28 days of delivery. All returned items must be unworn, in a re-saleable condition and in their original condition.

Elastic Laces turn shoes into slip on shoes! No more tying shoelaces!

We suggest double knotting if you can, if not you should try our Elastic No Tie Laces!

Wax Shoelaces provide less friction in the eyelets than the non wax, Wax shoelaces tend to last longer!

We recommend you measure the current laces and drop us a message if you need any advice, however we would estimate 85cm would fit perfectly!

Off course you should check out our Instagram pics to show you some!

You may find that one side of your lace is longer than the other causing the bow to become crooked!

Take a look at our Facebook for our two lace video guide!

Making sure you wear the right size laces is key, if you have the right size lace there shouldn’t be too much lace left over to drag on the floor!

You can buy them right here! Check out our ribbon lace section!

Check out our bootlace section for all our hiking shoelaces.

Check out our Glitter Laces there the best!

A pair of laces and shoe charms will create a whole new look!

Measure the length of your old shoelaces and order your new laces right here!

Yes, our laces are sold in pairs!

It depends on what type of shoe you have, we suggest measuring the length of your current laces and then dropping us a message so we can help you out!


3 Eyelet 65cm , 6 Eyelet 120cm, 8 Eyelet 142cm, 10 Eyelet 155cm

Aglet, which we have at the end of all our laces, they prevent your laces from fraying it also helps when threading your laces!

The best way to determine this is to measure the length of the laces already in the shoe!

It depends on the style of Nike trainers, we would recommend you measure the laces and then drop us a message so we can help guide you!

With our Elastic No Tie Shoelaces you definitely don’t need to worry about knots coming undone!

You should just be able to simply thread the charm along the lace and place them where you wish!

Take the easy route and buy a shorter pair of laces from us!

Our number 1 tip is to make sure you measure the length of the laces currently in your shoe! If you get stuck you can always drop us an email!

Our ribbon shoelaces are a great accessory for any wedding shoes!

Our shoelaces are not only a great price, but they are also great quality!

Check out our bootlace section for all our work boot shoelaces.

Right here! Maybe try a pair of our satins.

Most of our laces are available in kids sizes, if you need any help with sizing please drop us an email!

Right here! Maybe try a pair of our glitter shoelaces.

There are so many ways to tie your laces, you should check out our Instagram for some inspiration!

65cm – Infant Lo converse size 4-9 , Converse Crib shoes sizes 1-2.

85cm – Infant Hi Converse size 4-9 , Junior Lo Converse size 10-2 , Converse Crib shoes sizes 3-4.

120cm – Junior Hi Top Converse size 10-2, Ladies Lo Converse size 3-8.

142cm – Ladies Hi Top Converse Size 3-8.

155cm – Larger high top converse.

Our Sizing Is a Guide only and We Recommend Measuring Existing Laces To Get the Accurate length of Laces Required.

You can click on the wholesale link at the bottom of this page and complete the wholesale contact form.

Most Shoelaces are designed to be tied with two hands, it could take you a while to tie them with one hand!

We would recommend measuring the laces currently in the shoes and roughly estimate how much shorter you need them. Here is a rough guide….

65cm – 3 to 4 pairs of eyelets

85cm – 4 to 5 pairs of eyelets

120cm – 5 to 6 pairs of eyelts

142cm – 7 to 8 eyelets

155cm – 9 to 10 eyelets

You can buy shoelaces right here from www.theshoelaceshop.com We deliver all over the globe!

It is difficult to determine the exact history of the shoelace, perhaps it was someone in your family tree!

Most people would say you should use the criss-cross tying method for an easy lace!

Let us know the length of laces you require and we can help point you in the right direction!

All you need is one pair of silicone laces, this will be enough for two shoes!

We would say no, as the laces are designed to be hard to remove from your shoes and they may not be the right length for your other shoes!

Right here if you click on the wholesale link at the bottom of this page and complete the wholesale contact form, we can look into your request!

Check out our Round Laces, these are great for football boots and come in 7 different sizes and tones of different colours!

Head to our Leather lace section on the product page.

We have a great range of character shoelaces which you can take a look at on our product page.