Our Silicone No Tie Shoelaces are IDEAL LACES TO MAKE ANY TRAINERS BECOME SLIP ON’s. Innovative elastic, non-slip design to easily slip into eyelets with Full Instructions on packaging. Ideal Laces for young children or anyone suffering with autism, arthritis or any disability making it difficult to tie their own laces. Our Silicone No Tie laces make trainers & shoes into slip on – footwear making their lives just a little bit easier. Time Saving idea no more tying your laces

ONE SIZE FITS ALL SHOE TYPES / TRAINERS – Kid Set 12 pcs & Adult Set 16 pieces with 10 different varied sizes which allows you to pick the sizes and adjust the Smart Laces to fit all Kids, Boys, Girls, Teen’s, Women’s & Men’s Shoe sizes. Ideal No Ties Laces for the entire family from kids, toddlers to teenage and adults. Also ideal for Senior’s struggling with tying their laces so a great gift for mother, father and even grandpa and grandma with special needs.

WATERPROOF AND EASY CLEANING – Our Silicone Laces are waterproof and extremely easy to clean and wipe down, No more dirty cotton trainer laces. COLOURS – Unique assorted selection mix of colours customised – Black / White / Red / Pink / Blue / Brown / Purple / Rainbow Multi coloured Silicone No Tie Laces. Thanks to our no tie design, these shoelaces eliminate knots and any tangled up shoelaces. No more stepping on your loose shoelaces. No more falling accidents either

Our Smart Laces are a Trademarked product of Reis of London which are sold all Over the World.

No Tie Laces Shoe laces shoelaces are flat comfy and ultra-resilient for Kids, Adults Ideal for Sports, Fitness, Gym, PE, Games, Jogging, Running, Walking, Athletic, Triathlon, School shoes, Everyday, Work, Shopping, Leisure Activities, Holiday, Dancing, Back to School Gadgets No Tie Shoe laces, Shoelaces Laces.

Our Smart Laces – Silicone NO Tie Laces are a Trademarked Product owned by Reis of London and are made to Last. – 100% high quality durable and environmental friendly nontoxic silicone (non plastic) material that can stretch up to 1.5 times. As a Trusted Seller, We Offer a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee for Full Peace of Mind, Buy Now with Confidence and don’t forget to recommend our laces to your Friends.

SIZE GUIDE: Please refer to Our Size Guides! If you’re in any doubt what size you need, we recommend you simply measure the shoe lace you want to replace. We sell every type of shoe lace from kids, boys, girls, teens, unisex, children, seniors, adult, men, ladies, women, women’s & men’s shoe laces / bootlaces / boot laces which aren’t all covered by the size Guide. Please check the length of the laces you wish to change to ensure you order the right length for your size and shoe type.  We believe our Shoelaces are superior quality and the best qaulity shoelaces compared to hickies, kiwi, clarkes, timpsons, grafters, mr lacy laces / shoelaces and as you can order them direct from us via our online store to your door anywhere in the world make them the best quality shoelaces near me.


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